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Short Story Challenge:When it hurts so bad...

The other day, I was tagged in a short story challenge on Facebook. The point is to write a short story based on a picture. I intended to be one and done but this thing spread to six parts! I posted it on my personal page (not sure why) but I'm putting them all together to make it easier. Comment, like, share! Thanks!

All photos courtesy of ReeseRoyce215

Part 1

“Savannah, baby, I promise you don’t have to worry about nothing. I love you, girl,” Andre whispered in my ear.

I wanted to believe him. I needed to believe him. Logic was screaming at me to leave him alone but the way he was making me feel right now…logic didn’t stand a chance. I was in love.

My girl, Tiffany called to tell me she saw my man with another woman. I didn’t believe it until she sent me a pic.

There he was, holding hands with some chick in Wal-Mart. They looked happy, like they were in love. He looked like that with me two days ago.

“Savannah, what are you gonna do? Cause you know I don’t mind pulling up,” Tiffany assured me. And I knew she meant it.

Truth be told, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. This wasn’t the first time he’d been caught but Andre always had a way of getting me to forgive him. Sometimes I hated the way I loved him.

I sat home as long as I could before the need to ask him why came over me. I jumped up, threw on my shoes and headed across town to his house. I didn’t call or anything. When he saw me at the door, he looked surprised but not upset. I showed him the picture Tip sent me and as usual, he tried to explain it away.

I was hurt. I was pissed. But somehow, I was here, letting my man prove to me that I was his only one. Andre wiped my tears and kissed my lips gently. I tried to resist him, or at least in my mind I did. Next thing I know, I was lying in his bed, physically exposed and emotionally vulnerable. I don’t know what it was about him that made me love him the way I did.

Maybe it was because he was fine as hell and his body looked like he’d been dipped in milk chocolate. Maybe it was because he took care of me and spoiled me. Maybe it was because his kiss made me melt. Maybe it was because of the way he took my body to places I couldn’t understand.

Right now, I was holding on to him for dear life. He knew my body and knew it well. He knew that spot on my neck that made me weak. He knew how to touch me to make my body wet. He knew just how to stroke to make me explode. He knew I was close.

“You love me, baby? Tell me you love me, Savannah!” he whispered. He kissed my neck waiting on my answer.

I didn’t want to answer him. I didn’t want him to know he had me. It wasn’t a secret but admitting it was too easy for him. But he wasn’t taking my silence too well.

He moved my leg and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. In this position, he was deep inside me. I was losing the battle and he could tell by the way I moaned his name.

“Say it, baby. Tell me you love me! Please Savannah, tell me!”

The way he said my name, the way he moved inside me, the way he commanded me…that’s all it took. My orgasm rocked me somewhere in my soul.

“Oh God, Andre! I love you baby! I love you so much!” I moaned. Tears escaped my eyes and I knew there was no way I could leave him. This feeling…this was bliss.

For the second time tonight, Andre wiped my tears and kissed me deeply. The way I loved this man was indescribable.

I was still riding the waves of the pleasure my man gave me when I heard what I thought was a door open and close.

“Andre, baby, where are you?” a female voice called near the front door.

My heart stopped and Andre froze as the doorknob to his bedroom door turned…

Part 2 The door flings open and we hear “I have a surprise for you! I’m preg-“

She stops speaking when she takes in the scene before her. She was smiling when she walked in the room but her face drops and what looks like pictures fall from her hand to the floor.

Andre hops up and frantically tries to plead his case. “Baby, hold on. It’s not what it looks like,” he stammers while pulling up his boxers. He picks up whatever she dropped and stared at it for a second.

What does he mean it’s not what it looks like? It looks like he just made love to his girl…so what was this then? I wondered.

“Wait, you’re pregnant?” he inquires solemnly. As if my heart wasn’t already cracking from this pressure, he goes and throws this on me. I almost stopped breathing.

She ignores him. The woman looks from Andre to me and back to Andre. I imagined she was trying not to kill him. Or me. I see a tear slide down her face and she charges for me. Frozen, I can do nothing but pull the covers around me and scream in fear. I was pressed against the headboard with nowhere else to go.

If it weren’t for Andre blocking her, she would have been trying to drag me out of the bed. “Why the hell are you in my bed? Get out! GET OUT!” she shrieks.

“Kita, stop! Calm down! Let me explain!” Andre pleads. Since she can’t get to me, she takes her anger out on the closest thing to her: Andre’s face. I’m too afraid to move as I watch Kita hit Andre repeatedly. He tries to block her blows but he’s no match for the woman he’s hurt.

“I hate you! I HATE YOU!” she screams as she continues to hit him. Kita punches Andre squarely in the jaw. Almost as if it’s second nature, he forcibly pushes her and she flies backwards into his dresser. In pain, she crumbles to the ground.

Realizing what he’s done, he rushes to her side. “Kita! Baby I’m sorry!” She pushes him away even though she’s in obvious pain.

“Why, Andre? Just tell me why?” she cries through gritted teeth.

“Baby, do you need me to call 911? Let’s go to the hospital to make sure our baby is ok,” Andre responds. Maybe Kita is in too much pain to notice he didn’t answer her question but it’s one that I need an answer to.

“Andre what the hell is going on?” I ask needing to understand who was this woman claiming to be his baby mama.

“Not now, Savannah, damnit! Can’t you see she’s hurt?” he yells at me. I drop my eyes, embarrassed that I even spoke. He acted as if I wasn’t even there, as if he didn't just bring my body to a blissful orgasm.

Andre rushes around the room and finds his clothes. He then helps Kita up and they leave the bedroom, his arm wrapped around her waist helping her walk. I can hear her crying as he assured her they will be fine. The front door slams and I was alone.

I couldn’t move. I was stuck. I don’t know if it was shock or just the weight of my stupidity keeping me in his bed. I was the one he just made love to. I was the one he said he wanted to be with. I was the one he said meant the world to him. I was the one he said was his Queen. I was the one that claimed the title wifey. So if I was all of those things to him, why was I sitting in this bed while he went off to take care of her?

I loved Andre with everything in me and I really didn’t understand what just happened. One second he was inside of me, declaring his love for me and the next minute he’s taking his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital.

The reality of what was happening hit me like a ton of bricks. Not only was Andre cheating on me, he had gotten another woman pregnant. This wasn’t even the same woman Tiffany took a picture of. How many women did this man have?

I felt stupid. I felt useless. I felt insecure. I was always there for him. I did what he asked. I gave him what he wanted. And he repays my love with this? Lies? Cheating? A whole baby?

I felt like a fool. Here I was sitting in my man’s bed, my heart broken beyond recognition while he went off to be her hero. I was embarrassed because I took him back each and every time he cheated on me. Only to be cheated on again.

I needed to get up and go home. I needed to talk to Tiffany. I needed to find out why he did me like this. I needed Andre to tell me what was going on. I needed to get my life together.

But I couldn’t move. All I could do was sit here and let all my hurt escape through my tears

Part 3

Nothing made sense right now.

I was trying to wrap my head around this but my life was in shambles. It seemed like this was straight from a reality TV script instead of my life.

After about 10 minutes, I was finally able to get out of Andre’s bed and go home. Before I left, I looked at his bed again, wondering how this one space held both my pleasure and my pain. On the way home, I called Tiffany to tell her what happened.

“GIRL, WHAT?! That lying bastard!” she yelled into the phone. I had to move the phone away from my ear before I went deaf. “What hospital are they at? Was it the same chick I saw him with? Girl, swing by and get me so we can run up there real quick.”

Tiffany was my ride or die friend. We’d been cool for most of our lives and if I had a problem, she was down to set things right.

“Naw, Tip. I’m not going to do all of that.” I just got home and I flopped down on my bed.

“Well what are you gonna do?” she asked quietly. She could tell by my tone that the extraness wasn’t necessary.

I sighed deeply. “I really don’t know. Nothing right now. I’m just gonna take a shower and lie down.”

“You want me to come over? We can eat ice cream and watch some movies,” Tiffany suggested.

I laughed a little. “If you don’t mind, I’d rather be alone for a little bit. I need to think.”

“I understand. I’m here though. Just call me when you need me. I love you, Savannah.”

“I love you too, Tip. And thanks.”

My friend and I hung up and I was grateful to have someone like Tiffany in my life. She’s been there for me and I could tell her anything. I’d call her later to let her know I’m ok.

But would I be ok? I really didn’t know at this point. I wasn’t ready to get lost in my thoughts so I got up to go take a shower. The hot water was only a temporary reprieve; my heart felt so heavy, like it as going to fall out of my chest.

After my shower, I put on one of Andre’s wife beaters. I needed to feel close to him. I wanted to call him but I just couldn’t make myself dial his number. I was so lost in my thoughts, my ringing phone caught me off guard.

My King flashed across the scre