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Get ready!

Hey you guys!

I know some of you may think I have left you hanging but I promise that is not the case! Writing is a fickle thing...some times the words come out with no problem, sometimes I get stuck. And right now I am stuck.

A number of you have asked for a new story and I don't have a "new one" but I do have some that I haven't shared before.

About three years ago I met this great guy who just happened to live in another state. Because we are doing the long distance thing, we had to find new ways to keep things...interesting. I'm not much of a talker, never have been, and I do so much better with writing. So instead of talking about sex, I wrote about it. And the rest, as they say, is history!

The stories I am going to share with you are completely fictional. This is stuff I've thought about or heard about. They are also very sexually explicit. So if you aren't comfortable with reading this genre, you can delete the next few emails that come from me. If you are up for a sexual adventure...get ready!

I only have one rule...I promise not to judge you for loving what I share if you promise not to judge me for what I wrote! Remember...these stories are complete works of fiction!

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