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Stormy nights

Warning: Strong sexual content

“So are you coming over or nah?” I asked Tyra.

She paused for a second and I knew she was looking at her phone. “I don’t think so. It’s not a mandatory evacuation so I’m gonna just chill at home. I’ll be ok.”

She might as well have been a meteorologist at this point. I didn’t even have to look at the news anymore because Tyra kept me updated. “You sure?”

“Yes. It’s not really gonna be that bad so I’ll be fine.”

“Ok. I’ll call and check on you later.”

“What you gonna do for the night since you don’t have to work tomorrow?” Tyra asked me.

“Nothing much, just chill. Probably clean up,” I lied. She knew better and so did I.

“Yeah right,” she laughed. “You ain’t gonna do shit but watch Netflix and shop online.”

After being best friends for ten years, it’s safe to say Tyra knew me. Cleaning up was the last thing I wanted to do with my weather day. I had other plans but she’s have to hear about them tomorrow. Besides, I wasn’t ready to admit what I was going to be doing and with who. I hung up with Tyra and went to my contacts to call Kevin. He answered on the first ring.

“Nisha, what’s up girl?”

“Nothing much boo. Just looking for a little company for the night.”

“Is that right?” I could practically hear him smiling through the phone. “You finally made time for me?”

I popped lips but smiled. I had him right where I wanted him. Kevin and I had been kicking it for a few months. Nothing serious. He was cool and all but he’s not really dating material. Well, he was dating material for someone, but he wasn’t my type. I was teetering into cougar territory with Kevin-hence the reason I couldn’t tell Tyra about him yet. I just turned 36 last month and Kevin wouldn’t be 30 for another few months. He wasn’t immature or anything; just too young for me to take serious.

But his age wasn’t an issue in the bedroom. If anything, it was a plus. This dude had the stamina of a porn star with the freakiness to match. He wanted to see me much more often than I allowed. I could fuck him a few times a week but I kept him on ice. I had to show him I was in control of this and he would only get this when I wanted him to. I wouldn’t call myself dominant, but I was definitely the type that liked to be in control. Kevin’s young ass was definitely dominant but he met his match with me.

“I’ve told you I have been busy, boo. Don’t I always make it up to you?” I replied seductively.

“Always,” Kevin answered. I could tell he was thinking about the last time we slept together. That time I made him wait almost three weeks. Not on purpose but that’s just how it worked out. We went at it so hard, I had no choice but to let him spend the night. That was generally against my rules but boo put in work that night. By the time he left me the next morning, I think he almost fell in love. “You want me to get you something to eat on my way over?”

I smiled because Kevin was really thoughtful but I had to keep him in check. He was always trying to do things for me and I had to turn him down every time. From buying me food to offering to get my car washed our just leaving me money. I didn’t need him to get anything confused. I just needed the dick.

“Nah, I’m good. You’re on your way?”

“Give me like two hours or so. I’m getting off in 30 then I gotta go home.”

“Ok, cool.”

We hung up and while I hated I had to wait so long for him, I could take my time getting ready for him. I was glad that Tyra wasn’t coming because I needed this bad. Hurricane Michael was threatening to wreak havoc in my home town and Tyra called me in a panic telling me she was coming to my house because it was being recommended that they evacuate if they could. I lived in Jonesboro and while I didn’t mind her coming, I really needed a man tonight. Once she turned into a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, Tyra felt she could tough it out. They were only anticipating some downed trees and power outages; she could certainly handle that.

Since I had the time, I took a bath, almost getting carried away as my hand slipped between my legs. I could take care of myself, and I usually did but I had good dick on the way so I chilled out. I finished my bath by shaving my legs and then lathered my skin in vitamin E oil. I put on some leopard print boy shorts because Kevin liked the way my camel toe looked in them. I put on a red tank top, opting not to wear a bra because I didn’t need to and that was one less thing he would have to take off.

I was chilling, watching Netflix when there was a knock on my door. I smiled adjusted my boy shorts to make sure enough of my cheeks were visible. I opened the door to find a delectable Kevin looking at me like he couldn’t wait to taste me.

“Damn, baby!” He almost whispered, looking me up and down. His eyes traveled from my caramel legs, to the print in my panties to the fullness of my breasts. He was dressed casually in a white tee shirt and grey jogging pants. Asides from his sex, nothing else about this man was my type. I preferred dark men and he was Michael Ealy light. I liked low cut waves and Kevin had locs that hung midway down his back. I liked tall men and Kevin was barely taller than me at 5’8. I preferred full beards, but Kevin’s clean-shaven baby face sported, a beautifully white smile and seductive, bedroom eyes. He was attractive enough but again, not my type.

“What’s up?” I said casually as I moved aside to let him in. I closed the door behind him and even though I needed him to take me down through there right now, and I do mean right now, I was going to make him wait. I could see his dick tenting his jogging pants and I knew he wanted this as bad as I did. But…he was going to have to chill for a second. I went to sit on the sofa and picked up my remote to turn up the volume on my show.

“You seen this yet?” I asked nodding towards my TV.

Reluctantly, Kevin sat down on the sofa next to me. The smile on his face told me he knew the game I was playing and he was willing to play along. “Nah, what’s this?”

“New season of Luke Cage.”

“Oh,” he replied with more interest than he really had. “I started season one but haven’t finished it. I’d rather binge watch a few seasons than to have to wait for new seasons.”

“Yeah that gets on my nerves. But I had to wait so long for season two, I had to go head and watch it.”

Kevin leaned back and got comfortable. “I remember when Netflix was just DVDs. It’s come a long way.”

I tucked my feet under me and placed my remote on my coffee table. “I know right! Between Netflix and Hulu, I don’t have cable. Saves me money.”

“I have Netflix and Sling. It’s like $25 a month. I don’t watch it too much but I have to have something to entertain my nieces when they come over.”

I looked at him because I never pictured him as Uncle Kevin. “How old are your nieces?”

“Ava is 6 and Allory is 4,” Kevin replied with pride.

“Wow, I bet they keep you on your toes.”

“Yeah, but it’s well worth the sacrifice.” He paused as if he had to think about what he was going to say next. “They are my brother’s daughters. He’s in jail, BS charge but I do all I can to make sure they have a positive man in their lives. We’ve been fighting for the past three years to get his conviction overturned.”

Suddenly, our conversation became serious as he told me about how his brother was accused of armed robbery but despite insufficient evidence and his brother having an alibi, he was still convicted. I listened in horror at how our legal system failed Kevin’s brother. I had no idea of the particulars of the case but I could surmise his skin color was the real reason he was behind bars.

I was on the verge of getting angry when I felt Kevin’s hand on my thigh. That simple gesture reminded me of why he was there. I was temporarily confused because in the few months we’d been messing around, we never talked in depth. I knew the basics about him. He came over, banged my back out then he went home. Getting to know you conversation wasn’t necessary.

“How long you gonna make me wait for this?” Kevin asked as his hand traveled between my legs.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as his fingers lightly traced my pussy through my panties. He continued to tease me as my breathing got shorter. It had been too long since he touched me and I was on the verge of creaming my panties already. But I couldn’t give him that satisfaction. I tried to move his hand but he slapped mine away. Suddenly, I felt his fingers inside of my panties, rubbing my clit with just the right amount of pressure.

“Oh shit,” I groaned.

I didn’t even have to see him to know he was smiling. He loved when he was “winning”. I always tried to fight this but Kevin was an expert at making my body cum. It didn’t matter if it was with his fingers, his tongue or his dick…Kevin was a fast learner and knew how to bring an orgasm out of me.

“There you go baby,” he whispered. “Cum for me.”

Involuntarily, my body obeyed him. I arched my back and grabbed at my sofa. “Oh fuuuuuuuck!”

I opened my eyes to find Kevin grinning at me. “Damn, let me find out your ass needed that.”

“Shut up,” I panted. I reached for my remote and muted the TV. I got my phone and pushed a few buttons to blast my “Freak his ass” playlist through my speakers in the living room. As “T-shirt and Panties” by Adina Howard filled my apartment, I stood up with the intention of getting on my knees in front of Kevin. He had other plans.

Before I could get down on my knees, Kevin kissed my pussy through my panties. I grabbed the back of his head to move his face, but again, he slapped my hands away. Quickly, he moved my panties to the side and licked my clit. I propped my foot on my sofa and grabbed a handful of his dreads. He cupped my ass and pulled me closer. Kevin licked me and squeezed my ass until I got weak. Out of nowhere, Kevin flipped me on my back and dove between my legs again.

“Got damnit, Kevin,” I practically yelled. He was licking and sucking on my pussy with such tenacity I felt like I was going to lose my mind. I didn’t like not being in control but I needed this orgasm bad. I grabbed Kevin’s head, keeping him buried between my legs. He understood my need by the way I gyrated my hips into his face. I didn’t think it was possible, but Kevin sucked harder on my clit.

“Oh my fucking God!” I screamed as my body gave in to Kevin’s tongue. He refused to stop, even though my body was shaking uncontrollably. “Kevin, please, please, I can’t cum again!”

“Hmmm…I love to hear you beg, baby,” Kevin told me before latching onto my clit again. And again, I lost it. My body went limp and I think I blacked out for a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, I could have sworn I saw someone looking directly at me. I shook my head, sure it was just the after effects of my orgasm.

Kevin may have made me beg but I was about to show him two can play this game. I pushed him and he fell backwards. Without giving him time to adjust, I grabbed his dick out of his pants and put him in my mouth.

“Oh shit, Nisha,” he growled.

There was something so powerful about a man moaning my name while I took him down my throat. I’ve always had a very healthy sexual appetite. Some might even call me a freak. I didn’t own that title because I felt everything I did and enjoyed was perfectly healthy and normal. I didn’t go around bragging that I could deep throat a dick but I also didn’t think it was abnormal that I really enjoyed giving head.

I continued to suck Kevin’s dick, loving the way he felt in my mouth. I let my spit fall from my mouth because I know he likes it wet and slippery. I wrapped my hand around him, letting my spit help my hand move up and down his length easily. I concentrated on just his head, sucking him a little harder but not too hard. When I heard him growl, I knew I had him.

Or so I thought.

Kevin stood up abruptly and pulled me up. Quickly I was pushed over the arm of my sofa. Kevin slapped me on my ass twice, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough for me to know he wasn’t to be toyed with. He reached in his pocket, slid on a condom and plunged into me.

“Ohhhhhhhhh shit!” I screamed.

“Shut up and take this shit,” Kevin commanded. “You been playing games and holding out…I’m gonna show you why you shouldn’t wait two weeks to give me this pussy!”

And with that, Kevin pounded me senseless. I was no stranger to Kevin’s size. He wasn’t the biggest I’ve had but he damn sure knew how to work it. He was killing me from the back and I had no choice but to take it. Truth be told, I loved the pain. Kevin grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and I locked eyes with my friend Tyra. I don’t know if Kevin saw her or not but the orgasm that snuck out of me was one of the strongest I’d ever had.

I never considered myself to be a prude, sexually. I knew what I liked and I had no problems asking for or getting what I wanted. Voyeurism wasn’t something I was into. Or at least I didn’t think I was. Until I saw my best friend watching me get off on Kevin’s dick.

I should have said something. Or had Kevin stop. Or asked Tyra what she was doing here. But I couldn’t, and I didn’t want to. The way my pussy spasmed from her watching me was another level of eroticism that I hadn’t tapped in to yet.

Kevin grabbed my hips and pushed deeper into me. My voice was caught in my throat but I couldn’t take my eyes off Tyra. I wasn’t embarrassed at all. I was so turned on, I didn’t know what to do.

“Oh shit, Nisha, I’m about to cum!” Kevin roared. He became relentless as his orgasm neared. I didn’t know what to concentrate on…Kevin giving me his all or my best friend watching me. One was enough to drive me wild but both was dangerous. Without taking my eyes off her, Kevin’s thrusts got more frantic as he grabbed my hips and pushed himself to the hilt. My body went into convulsions but I couldn’t close my eyes. I needed Tyra to see me cumming on Kevin’s dick.

“Oh shit!” Kevin said while jumping back and covering himself. My orgasm was subsiding and I figured he finally saw Tyra.

“Hey, I’m…I’m sorry but…” Tyra stammered. “Don’t stop…please.”

Kevin looked at Tyra and then at me. I was just as surprised as he was. Maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly but Tyra’s presence was doing something to me.

“You heard the woman,” I cooed. “Don’t stop, Kevin.”

He looked unsure so I turned around and removed the condom from his dick. I began to stroke it but he pulled away from me.

“Nah, she already had a show,” Kevin announced. “She gotta do more than watch this time.”

My mouth dropped but I felt my pussy leaking down my thighs. Again, I wasn’t a prude but a threesome just wasn’t something I was into. But right now, there was nothing I wanted more.

“Come on, Tyra,” I moaned right before I took Kevin in my mouth. I didn’t have to tell her twice. In a flash, Tyra joined me on the sofa. We took turns taking Kevin in our mouths. While she sucked and licked on him, I teased his balls with my tongue. We went back and forth, sucking and licking all over his dick and balls until he was about to explode.

“Take her clothes off, Nisha,” he growled.

I didn’t hesitate to pull her shirt off and pull her pants down. I wasn’t surprised that Tyra didn’t have on any panties; I knew she didn’t wear them but I was surprised that I was looking at my best friend’s pussy.

“Touch her, play with that pussy,” Kevin commanded.

I had no fear, no apprehension, no doubt that I wanted to touch her. No it wasn’t something I fantasized about but right now, touching Tyra’s pussy was all I wanted to do. When my fingers made contact with her clit, she began to tremble.

“Oh shit, Nisha!” she moaned.

I can’t explain the feelings that were going through me right now. Kevin was commanding me and that submission didn’t make me feel weak; I’d never been so aroused in my life. Touching a woman’s pussy while a sexy ass man watched me was erotic. I went from rubbing her gently to plunging my fingers in and out of her.

Kevin moved behind Tyra to hold her up as I finger fucked her warm pussy. She was moaning my name while Kevin pinched her nipples. Before she could cum, Kevin pulled her away from my fingers. Both of us moaned in frustration.

“That’s too easy,” he told me. “I want you to make her cum in your mouth.”

Maybe I should have felt some type of way. Kevin knew I didn’t like this. Me being submissive was not my thing. So I can’t really explain why I pushed Tyra back on my sofa and dove between her legs.

I’d never eaten pussy before. Never dreamed of it. Never fantasized about it. But here I was licking and sucking my best friend’s clit while she grabbed my hair and moaned my name.

“Oh shit, Nisha,” Tyra called. “Oh God, that feels so fucking good! Eat this pussy baby!”

I was acting on pure lust. The way she was moving her hips told me that I was eating her pussy right. Behind me, I could hear Kevin pushing me on.

“That shit’s so sexy, Nisha! Eat that pussy baby! Eat that pussy and make her cum!”

My sole purpose in life was to make her cum in my mouth. I’ve never wanted anything more than I wanted that right now. I tried to mimic the way Kevin ate my pussy and Tyra responded. But I wasn’t satisfied. I pushed my fingers into her and her body jumped. I sucked on her clit a little harder and pushed my fingers in and out of her rapidly. Tyra grabbed my head and I knew she was about to cum.

“Nisha, Nisha, don’t you fucking stop!”

Kevin chimed in behind me. “Make her cum baby!”

Suddenly, I felt Kevin push himself inside me. Feeling his hard dick while I ate Tyra’s pussy sent my mind into a tailspin. Kevin was almost frantic as he fucked me. My fingers matched his thrusts. The sounds in my apartment were fueled by lust. Our orgasms happened almost in succession. First, Kevin gave me everything he had in him. As he came, he pushed my head into Tyra’s pussy. She screamed as she flooded my face and fingers with her juices. Feeling both of them release set off my own orgasm. We all collapsed, me and Kevin on the floor and Tyra seemed to melt into the sofa.

It was Kevin who spoke first. “So Nisha, who’s your friend?”

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