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Something new, Something different

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit content

For all of my adult life, I’d been the good girl. I followed the path my parents felt was best for me: finishing high school with honors-and a year early, graduating summa cum laude from the HBCU they graduated from and getting married to a man from a good family. I was poised to take over my father’s investment firm when he retired in a few years and my husband was on the fast track to becoming one of Atlanta’s top black lawyers.

I was well off financially. My husband adored me. My parents were supportive. My job was rewarding. One would question why I felt so...unfulfiled. But I did. Something was missing but I didn’t know what.

Not until I met him.

He was a new client and he was referred to me by one of my father’s golf buddies. I wasn’t really moved by talking to him on the phone, but as soon as he walked into my office, I was...At the time, I had no idea what it was.

My husband was attractive but I couldn’t truthfully admit that I really loved him. Our marriage was more for appearances and connections than love. I respected him, enjoyed spending time with him and had sex with him when he asked for it. But in the five years we’d been married, I never felt the jolt I felt when he walked into my office.

I was definitely off my game during our meeting and I think he knew his presence was the culprit to my stumbling and stuttering. His questions were typical and standard but being in such close proximity to him rendered me devoid of logic.

I watched his mouth as he spoke, zoning out of everything he said. I imagined his lips traveling the length of my body, kissing, licking, biting…

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of the thoughts invading my mind. How was this man turning me on this much?

He was finally satisfied with my ramblings and ended the meeting. I walked him to the door and extended my hand. Instead of shaking it, he caressed it, causing my legs to get weak. It took all of my willpower to remain standing. He stared at me for what seemed like forever, as if he was reading my mind, picking apart my thoughts. I lowered my eyes, refusing to give him access to the inappropriate musings he was giving me.

Finally, he left and I was able to regain my senses, to some extent. As soon the door to my office closed, I needed to...release. It was a strange feeling but the overwhelming desire to touch myself was driving me to madness.

I locked my office door and asked my assistant to hold all calls and visitors. I was on the verge of losing my mind. I couldn’t remember the last time I touched myself but I needed this so bad.

I sat in my office chair and only for a brief moment, I considered not doing this. But the wetness inside of my panties was screaming at me. I hiked up my pencil skirt and pulled my plain underwear to the side. My fingers grazed my sex and my eyes rolled in the back of my head.

My fingers began small, gentle circles on my hardening clitoris. The pleasure was intense but not enough. Instinctively, my finger found its way inside of me, my wetness surprising me. I pushed deeper and it was still not enough. I pushed in another finger and I was getting close.

My other hand found its way to my breasts, I rub my hardening nipple but I needed to feel it-bare. I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and freed my breast from the confines of my simple bra. I plunged my fingers back inside of me, my breath caught in my throat. I rolled my nipple and my hips in time with the rhythm of my hand.

I was so close.

His face popped into my mind, his hands now replaced mine. My fingers were no longer pulling my nipples, it was his mouth devouring my breasts.

That was enough for me. I exploded, struggling to stifle my screams. My body shook, reveling in the pleasure my fantasies brought me.

My breathing returned to normal, my hand was covered in my passion. I regained my composure and fixed my clothes. The rest of the day was uneventful. Or maybe it was but I was still thinking about the pleasure he brought me-unbeknownst to him.

Before I left for the day, I received an email from him. There were no pleasantries or formalities. He just asked for my phone number. Without hesitation, I gave it to him. A minute later, my phone alerted me of a text message.

Him: You need something new, something different. Tomorrow, meet me at the W hotel, room 258 at 2. Oh and I like black lace.

I should have been upset that he was so bold. I know he saw my wedding ring; it was hard to miss this many karats. I should have deleted the message, after I told him I honor my husband and my marriage. But instead, I found myself replying OK. I was curious.

When I left the office, I headed home but I recalled his final request of black lace. I had none. My husband never paid much attention to my undergarments so I never saw the need to invest in anything sexy. I stopped at the mall, looking for Victoria’s Secret.

I felt lost in the store but the associate helped me pick out a few sets, two black and one red. I wanted to go home and model them for my husband but instead, I decided to save them for him.

I should have felt guilty when my husband came home and asked about my day. My unenthusiastic response was my norm. I expected to panic, to want to confess, but I didn’t. I spent the rest of my evening staring off into nothing, lost in my fantasies. My husband, engrossed in case law, never noticed.

The next morning, I stayed in bed a little later than my husband. I told him I was going in the office later because I had a late meeting this afternoon. I didn’t want him to see my purchases from Victoria’s Secret. I waited until he left to get into the shower. I took my time, caressing my body. I was loving the sensation of my hands on my supple skin. I’d denied myself the pleasure of my own hands for way too long.

After my shower, I lotioned my skin and sprayed on my favorite perfume. Then I put on my undergarments. I never knew how much sexy underwear could make a huge difference in my life. I admired my body in the full-length mirror and resisted the temptation to touch myself through the material.

I got dressed and headed to work. I spent the morning trying to reign my thoughts in and concentrate but it was impossible. Knowing I had on sexy underwear at the request of a stranger was driving me wild. I watched the clock, needing it to be close to 2. It was only 11. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it until 2.

I resisted as long as I could, but I needed to touch myself. I was lost in the feeling of my clit beneath the material of my underwear when my phone chimed. It was him.

Him: I can’t wait any longer. Come now

I jumped up to leave my office. I told my assistant I wasn’t feeling well and I was going home for the day. I also asked her not to forward any calls because I would be resting.

Something in my mind should have told me not to do this, but everything in my body was pulling me forward into the unknown.

I arrived at the hotel and walked in with much more confidence than I possessed. I was nervous but the curiosity of feeling his hands on me was more powerful than my nerves. I arrived at the room and took a deep breath before knocking. He opened the door almost immediately.

He was even more handsome than I remembered.

He wasted no time, he pulled me inside and closed the door. He pushed me against the door and his mouth crashed into mine. I anticipated him being gentle with me but maybe there was something in my eyes that told him I needed it like this, passionate, frenzied.

He broke the kiss and his mouth trailed down to my neck. He took a moment to unbutton my blouse and he smiled at the black lace bra covering my full breasts. It was safe to say my selection met his approval. He caressed my breast and it was so erotic to feel his hands against the lace. Without warning, he bent down and gently bit my nipple. I inhaled sharply. I was trying to understand the pleasure and the pain he was causing me.

He reached behind me and unhooked my bra. My breasts sprang free and they were once again in his mouth. He alternated between each one, sucking, licking and biting them. I was losing all of my senses.

“Please,” I whispered. “Please…”

He ignored me and continued his assault on my breasts. His hand found its way under my skirt and as soon as he touched my clit, I exploded. I could feel my juices creeping out of my panties and I shook with pleasure.

My breathing was labored, as if I just ran three miles. He pulled up my skirt and dropped to his knees, kissing my sex through my panties. I was on the verge of another orgasm. I didn’t think it could get any better until he moved my panties to the side and I felt this tongue make contact with me. I was delirious.

My husband never tasted me before and I never demanded it. It just wasn’t something that I ever thought about. But now, with his tongue dancing all over me, I wondered how I’ve lived without it. He lifted my left leg and placed it on his shoulder to give him more access to me. I grabbed his head with one hand and pinched my nipple with the other. The pleasure-pain sensations were taking over my senses.

I rolled my hips, trying to push myself into his face as he devoured me. The newest sensation, two fingers pushed deep inside my pussy, took me over the edge. This orgasm was different than the others. I screamed as my pussy creamed all over his hand and tongue. But he wasn’t finished with me yet. He stayed on his knees for a few more minutes, lapping up my juices as if he was dying of thirst.

Finally, he got up and turned me around, pressing me up against the door. I was wet, dripping and he entered me roughly. He was much larger than my husband and in this position, I could feel him deep.

He slammed into me, pushing himself to hilt and pulling almost all the way out. He teased me like this for a few minutes, driving me to beg to be filled, hurt, fucked. He made me say the words, begging him to fuck me. Hearing my pleas motivated him. He pushed himself all the way inside of me, hard and fast. His hands found my nipples and he pinched them harshly. I shrieked in pain but secretly I needed more.

I never knew this was possible, to travel so easily between pleasure and pain, to need both, to experience both simultaneously.

Behind me, he pounded me relentlessly. He found my spot, a place I never knew existed that held my pleasure. He commanded that I release for him and without even a second thought, I gave him what he wanted and what I needed.

I grabbed at the door, the air, looking for something to grab onto as my orgasm ripped through my body. I didn’t think he could get any deeper but he grabbed my hips and lunged forward. He roared in my ear as he released inside of me. Feeling him throbbing and spurting his seed deep inside my body was enough to set off another orgasm in me.

After a few moments, he pulled out of me and I collapsed on the floor. Spent and satisfied. Finally, my legs were strong enough for me to walk to the bathroom to clean myself up. I looked at myself in the mirror and the guilt I expected to see was non-existent. Instead, I began to consider how to keep my marriage intact while enjoying this on the regular.

Now that I’ve experienced something new and something different, there was no way I could settle for what I’ve had. We said our goodbyes but not before he told me to be expecting more instructions from him. Despite the pleasure I'd already experienced, I was already looking forward to more. I made sure I was decent and left the room.

This should have been a walk of shame. But I felt anything but…

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