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Warning: Strong sexual content

“Girl, I don’t see any. We may just have to make something else because I am not going to another store. Cause…wait. I think I see some on the top shelf.”

I moved the spices on the bottom shelf to give my foot room to step up and grab what looked like the last container of Old Bay. I assumed someone was hiding it cause there was no reason for it to be all the way up there. Twice I tried to reach it, but right at 5 feet, I was not tall enough to get it. The ultimate cheerleader, my homegirl Stacy was in my Air Pod, encouraging me to try harder because she was selfish.

Actually, she was pregnant and craving a crab boil. I’ve never been pregnant, so I can’t say cravings aren’t real, but I truly believed she was milking this pregnancy for all its worth. Between me, her husband Tyran, and her family, she didn’t have to lift a finger if she didn’t want to.

“Here, let me get that for you.”

Out of nowhere, a silky baritone voice connected to long arms saved me from my struggling, grabbing the seasoning with no effort. His voice was so sensual, sexy even, but I gave pause to the rest of him. He was a nice-looking brown skin brother standing about six feet tall. He was slim, with a little muscle definition in his lanky arms, like he just started working out a few months ago. He was a cutie, but not my type.

“Girl, who is that?” Stacy asked in my ear.

“Thank you!” I grinned politely but not wanting to invite additional conversation.

“Seafood boil?” the guy asked noting the other items in my shopping cart.

So much for making a clean getaway, I mused.

“Yep,” I answered taking the Old Bay and adding it the rest of the ingredients Stacy texted me.

“Have you seen the wing boils people have been doing on social media? I’ve been thinking about giving that a try. I love wings.”

“You don’t have time for this. Come on so we can start cooking,” Stacy fussed.

“I’m coming, don’t rush me!” I hissed.

“Excuse me?” the guy questioned, a puzzled expression on his face. I pointed to my ear, letting him know I was on the phone, stopping short of telling him I was talking to a pushy 6-month pregnant woman. “My bad. I thought you were having a conversation with yourself, and I interrupted.”

Without intending to, I laughed out loud. I’ve been guilty of looking at people sideways in the store when they were talking on their Air Pods. “Nah, I’m talking to my friend.”

“She has you out here running around looking for Old Bay while she’s chilling at home,” he chuckled. “You’re a good friend.”

“You hear that, Stacy? I’m a good friend,” I mocked.

Stacy smacked her lips. I knew she rolled her eyes without even having to see her. “Whatever. And tell that nigga I ain’t just chilling at home.”

“She can’t do anything until I finish shopping. So, I guess she is just chilling,” I laughed. I looked in his buggy which was two cartons of almond milk and Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds and I wondered who willingly eats Honey Bunches of Oats? “Cereal for dinner?”

“No,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “I’ll probably pick something up tonight, but I’m shopping for tomorrow. I’m either making a spatchcock chicken with vegetables or carnitas tacos.”

“I don’t even know what a spatchcock chicken is,” I admitted.

“It’s just a whole chicken with the backbone removed so that it lies flat. See, like this.” The guy pulled his phone out of his back pocket, tapped a few buttons, and showed me a picture. The chicken looked golden brown and delicious, and the presentation looked like it was something you’d see on a chef’s IG page.

“Wow, that looks delicious! Are you a chef?” I quizzed.

He shook his head. “Just like to cook.”

He said something else, but I couldn’t hear him because Stacy was yelling in my ear to hurry up because she was starving. There was no way she was that hungry because she was smacking on grapes in my ear on my way to the grocery store.

“I’m sorry, what did you say? Someone was being rude.” I feigned an attitude, pointing to my ear.

“I asked if I could cook for you sometime.”

I thought about his question for a second. I’ve been dating for a minute, not having any luck with online dating. Maybe what I needed was to meet someone organically. Truth be told, I wasn’t attracted to him. But I didn’t have to be attracted to him to eat his food. Since I wasn’t dating with the intention of a long-term relationship, there was no harm in letting him feed me.

“That might be a possibility,” I finally answered. “What’s your name?”

“Tahj. And you are?”

“Emory. But everyone calls me Em.”

“Emory. That’s a beautiful name.”

“Damn, why he say your name like that?” Stacy asked, taking the words out of my mouth. It almost sounded like he was savoring my name like it was something he made that would be considered food porn.

I imagined the way he would say my name if I let him taste me. But…just looking at him, I bet sex with him would be simple and boring. Which wasn’t my type of vibe. Didn’t mean I couldn’t be his belly friend, though.

Again, he reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. This time, he handed me a card. “No pressure. Just if you’re comfortable. And if you’d prefer to go out first, I’m cool with that, too.”

I took his card, studying it. “A graphic designer and an amateur chef, huh?”

Tahj grinned bashfully. “Both are just hobbies. By profession, I am a data analyst. Basically, I analyze data so the bigwigs can make decisions.”

“Em, you ain’t that desperate,” Stacy cackled. “I can’t see him, and I already know he ain’t your type.”

I had to admit, he was nothing like the men I am typically attracted to. I liked my men to be a little street, but not deep in the trenches. Tahj didn’t have any hood in him; he probably went to a private school and a PWI. But…the last man who was my type was a lying, cheating asshole, so why not try something different?

“Well, let me get out of here before my friend has a hissy fit. I’ll hit you up.”

“I’ll be waiting for your call.”

I sauntered away from Tajh, putting a little extra-ness in my walk. I didn’t have the biggest ass, but I was a little fine. And I wanted to make sure he knew it. Then I felt silly for somewhat teasing him when I knew that if given the chance, he wouldn’t know what to do with me.

I made it back to Stacy’s and after we got our seafood into oven bags into the oven, we settled in to watch TV and drink. Wine for me, and cranberry juice for her. I found Tajh’s card in my purse and punched his number to text him.

“Are you really going to talk to him?” Stacy asked incredulously.

“Why not?” I shrugged. “No harm in letting the man take me out and cook for me.”

“I bet you don’t even think he’s cute. Don’t settle, Em.”

“I’m not settling. I’m just…expanding my horizons.”

“Girl, whatever,” Stacy said, waving me off dismissively. “He might not be the love of your life, but you also don’t need to waste time with Mr. Wrong.”

“I love my Mr. Wrong,” I sang, trying to mimic Mary J.’s voice. “But everyone can’t be like you meeting the love of their life in 9th grade.”

You couldn’t help but smile at Stacy and Tyran’s love story. Meeting in 9th grade, dating all through high school, breaking up right before going to college because of the distance, getting back together three years after graduating college, getting married a year later, and now, expecting their first child. I wasn’t the mushy, true love, soulmates type, but my friend was, and happiness looked good on her.

“Yeah well, if you gave someone a chance, you just might settle down,” Stacy fussed.

“Anyway,” I said, changing the subject. I didn’t need another lecture about my aversion to commitment. After breaking off my engagement to Deion last year, all I wanted was a friend with benefits, someone who could offer me the three F’s: Food, fun, and fucking. I wasn’t healed enough for a relationship, so I just dated to pass the time away. It seemed easy enough, but men today were so inconsistent. “Maybe Tahj will be the one to give me what I need.”

Stacy threw her head back and laughed. “I heard him in the store. No way he’s going to be able to keep up with you in the bedroom. You’re a real freak.”

“A freak?” I repeated, feigning surprise. “I just enjoy sex.”

“You enjoy kinky sex.”

“Nothing I like is kinky. I think it’s normal,” I shrugged.

“Ok normal,” Stacy smirked. “Call it what you want. But I bet you all the change in my purse Tahj ain’t the one.”


Three weeks later, I was at Stacy’s house again. This time, she was craving lasagna. After eating and I washed up the dishes, she asked me how things were going with Tajh.

“He’s nice,” was all I could offer. I had nothing bad to say about him, but nothing exciting to report either. We’d been on two dates, the first to a restaurant, the second time he cooked for me…a Cornish hen with potatoes and carrots. He spoke with such passion about cooking, and it showed up in his food. We had another date later in the week that I was looking forward to. Somewhat.

He was a good conversationalist, and he was interesting, having grown up as a military brat, living in a lot of different places. I was only half right about him; he didn’t go to a private school, but he graduated from the University of Georgia, twice. His parents were conservative and he was sheltered from a lot as a child. We hadn’t even talked about sex, but I knew we would not be sexually compatible. But I did enjoy his company. And his food.

“Just nice, huh?”

“I mean…you were right. He’s not it,” I sighed.

I could appreciate a man being respectful, especially when men would send an unsolicited dick pic after texting for ten minutes. But…in three weeks, Tahj hasn’t tried to have sex with me; he hasn’t even mentioned sex at all. I even tried to test him, making statements about the size of my 38DDD breasts which were the biggest things on my body. He didn’t bite. I figured he was a gentleman, and I should be grateful.

“You might just have to ask him. Maybe he’s trying to respect you. Or maybe he’s not into casual sex,” she reasoned.

Since he wasn’t going to initiate a conversation about sex, I avoided bringing it up, too. Mostly because I didn’t need him to judge my praise kink. Honestly, I didn’t even consider my sexual preferences kink; I just liked it a certain way. I wasn’t into passionate and sensual lovemaking. I needed to be fucked.

But I enjoyed spending time with Tahj. I was sure that sex would come up eventually and the last thing I wanted was to have to stop talking to him because he couldn’t fuck me like a porn star. So, I was going to take Stacy’s advice and put myself out there. Best to find out now before things progressed and I ended up sexually frustrated.

Me: Are you capable of slutting me out and calling me a good girl?

I sent my text and waited for his reaction. I’ve learned to say what I mean, not holding back because my preferences were…different. I didn’t want to mince words or leave anything to the imagination. I wanted him to know exactly what I wanted.

Tahj: Meaning…

Me: Choking me. Spanking me. Fuck me hard and deep. Dominating me.

I knew I was taking a risk. He could look at me completely different, judge me. A guy I talked to a few months ago was so offended that I had agency over my sexual preferences and told me I was a Queen and deserved to be treated with respect, even in the bedroom. I could be a queen in the streets, but in the bedroom, I was anything but. I liked nasty, freaky, porn-esq sex.

Tahj: So, you want me to fuck you from the back with a finger up your ass?

My stomach jumped at his words, mostly because I didn’t expect that from him.

Tahj: You want me to make you suck my dick and swallow my nut? You want.

me to eat that pussy til you squirt all over my face?

Me: Shit yes!

Tahj: When you want me to slut you out, Emory

Me: N O W!!

Tahj: Come get it, baby

Me: Give me 30 minutes

“Girl, I gotta go!” I nearly shouted, jumping up from the sofa.

“Huh? I thought we were going to watch movies,” Stacy pouted. I handed her my phone so she could read the messages from Tahj. “Well, looka there. So, you bout to get slutted out?”

“Hell yeah!” I leave her on the sofa, heading to the guest bathroom, stopping at the hall closet to get a towel and washcloth. I’ve stayed over here enough times that it was not unusual for me to take a shower over here. I take a quick shower, grateful I shaved my legs this morning. In the guest bedroom, Stacy laid out a dress for me to put on. I lotioned my skin and put my bra back on, but I didn’t have panties. It was erotic to go without and I was anticipating Tahj’s reaction.

“Call me and let me know how it was,” Stacy called to me as I sprinted to my car to get to Tahj’s house. I was so excited, I was practically speeding, only slowing down when I passed a state patrol going in the opposite direction. If he would have stopped me, he was just going to have to understand I’ve been deprived. I’ve had sex, but I haven’t been fucked the way I needed it. And Tahj was promising to give me what I’ve been missing.

Knocking on Tahj’s door this time, I was both nervous and in need. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation. He opened the door and I slid by him. He closed the door behind me, then without warning, grabbed my neck, pulling me into a kiss. His tongue darted in my mouth, tangling with mine. I whimpered at his movements, glad he wasn’t going to waste any time.

He broke our kiss and tapped me on my ass. “Go to my bedroom. It’s down the hall on the left.”

I just nodded, already loving his dominance. In his bedroom, I sat on his bed. I barely had time to take in his space, only noticing the black and red comforter set on his bed, when he joined me, closing the door.

“You sure you want this, Emory?” he questioned. His voice was so sexy, it was almost spellbinding. I nodded eagerly. “We’ll see.”

He stood in front of me, holding out his hand. He pulled me up and kissed me again, this time, a little softer, less forceful. He took a step back, tugging at my dress. “Take this off.”

I complied without question.

“Bra, too.”

I pulled my straps down and spun my bra around to undo the hooks. I threw my bra on the ground with my dress.

“Damn, you’re sexy,” he commented. “Get on your knees and suck this dick.”

My pussy creamed at his words, and I did what he said. I fished his dick out of his shorts and boxers. He wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever had, but I knew it would be enough to make me come back for more. Without teasing him, I took him in my mouth, letting my saliva fall to make his dick wet. I held it at the base, sucking him slow and deep.

“Hmmm…that’s my good girl. Suck this dick,” he moaned.

That day I met him in the grocery store, and I was attracted to his voice. But hearing it now, like this, commanding me, calling me a good girl, his voice was like magic. He could tell me to do anything, and I would do it with no questions asked.

“That feels so good, baby, don’t stop!” His hands traveled to my braids, grabbing a handful to move my head at the speed he wanted it. I moaned around his dick, loving the way he was handling me. He pushed my head down, making me take him deep in my throat. “Fuck!”

His reaction to my mouth on him was pushing me to try to make him cum. But I needed to feel him, needed him to do the things he said he was going to do. “Please, Tahj, fuck me!”

“You want daddy to fuck you, bae?”

“Shit yes!”

“I will, but I gotta taste that pussy first. Get on the bed.” I scrambled to get on the bed on my back, anticipating him reciprocating the pleasure.

Tahj pulled me to the edge of the bed and then got on his knees. He kissed the inside of my thigh before feasting on my clit. He flicked his tongue across it, making me moan and arch my back. He ate my pussy like he hadn’t eaten in weeks, alternating between licking my clit and pushing his tongue deep inside of me. Without warning, I felt his tongue on my ass, licking me with tenacity.


“You like having your ass ate bae?”

“Oh my God yes!” I groaned.

Tahj proceeded to eat my pussy and ass, making me delirious with pleasure. He took my clit in his mouth and pushed a finger in my pussy, then worked his thumb into my ass. He sucked on my clit, making me cuss and moan as my orgasm built up.

“Oh my God Tahj! Baby! I’m gonna cum!

“Cum for daddy. Let me feel that shit bae.”

His words, his fingers, and his tongue were like a symphony coaxing my orgasm out of me. He flung me off the edge, my back arched then falling limp from my release. I needed a second to recover, but he wouldn’t stop.

“Wait, Tahj, wait, baby. Wait a minute,” I pleaded.

“Nah, I need my nasty girl to nut again.” He did stop momentarily to lie on the bed, motioning with his fingers. “Sit on my face, bae.”

I climbed on his face, his tongue flicking my clit. He smacked my ass as I grinded on his tongue. He couldn’t say anything, but his eyes held lust. I could tell he loved to give pleasure, just by the look in his eyes and I couldn’t stop my orgasm if I wanted to.

Tahj continued to suck my pussy while his finger teased my asshole, making me cum hard. He lived in an apartment and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t be quiet. His neighbors were going to get an earful tonight.

“Mmmm… that’s my good girl. You ready for this dick, baby?”

I nodded weakly, not sure how I was going to take any more of him but needing him to give me everything he had.

He helped me to lie down, then he climbed on top of me. He lined himself up with my opening, sliding in easily because of how wet he made me. “Fuck!”

“Shit, you feel good,” he groaned. He moved slowly, pushing himself to the hilt. Then, he put my leg on his shoulder, going deeper, making me feel every inch of him. This time, he wasn’t gentle with me. He gave me what I needed…pain that morphed into pleasure.

I grabbed fistfuls of his comforter as he fucked me without mercy. His hand found mine, putting it between my legs. “Rub that clit bae. Cum on my dick.”

I played with my pussy while he fucked me hard, another orgasm brewing. “Tahj…baby…”

“You gonna cum?”

“Yes! Fuck yes!”

Just before I started to cum, Tahj wrapped his hand around my neck, tight enough for me to feel him, but not hard enough to cut off my breathing completely. The orgasm that racked my body made my mind go blank. I couldn’t think straight. The only thing I could feel was the throbbing of my pussy as I released for him.

“Mmmm…that’s my good girl. Cum for daddy.”

Tahj continued to fuck me hard, choking me and calling me a good girl, making me cum one more time. I lay beneath him, shivering as my orgasm subsided.

“Turn that ass over.”

Slowly, I got on my hands and knees and instead of feeling his dick inside of me, he was behind me eating my pussy and ass again. I screamed, buckling at the pleasure. He taped my ass, telling me to get up. I forced myself up as he ate me out, alternating between eating my pussy and licking my ass. Just when I thought I was going to lose my mind, he stood, pulling me back, pushing into me deep.

“Taaaaaaaahj!” I groan as he fucked me with reckless abandon.

He moved inside of me expertly, smacking my ass as he took me from behind. He leaned into me, pushing his thumb in my mouth. I got it wet for him, letting my saliva fall all over his hand. Satisfied with how wet it was, he slowly worked his thumb in my ass.

“Oh shit!” The force of his thrusts and his thumb in my ass felt so good.

“Does my nasty girl like a thumb in her ass?”

“Yes! Yes, daddy!”

“Say it. Tell me you like it,” Tahj commanded.

“I love your thumb in my ass, baby! Fuck me just like that! Don’t stop! Please!”

“Play with that pussy, baby. I need my nasty bitch to cum again.”

I reached under me, feeling how wet my pussy was. It didn’t take long for me to cum again because he was fucking me the way I needed to be fucked.

The pleasure of his dick and his thumb proved to be too much, and my knees got weak. I fell forward on the bed, but Tahj didn’t stop fucking me. From this position, he was so deep, the pain intense, but so, so good.

Tahj was lying on top of me, pounding me from the back. His right arm went around my neck, his left grabbing my hair, turning my head towards him. He kissed me deeply, sending my body into convulsions again.

“Shit, this pussy is so wet,” Tahj gasped. “I’m gonna cum baby. Where you want this nut?”

“In my mouth,” I groan. “Let me swallow it, baby.”

“Fuck, come get this nut, bae.”

I scramble into position on my knees as Tahj stroked his dick. I took him in my mouth, wrapping my lips around him. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pushing himself into my mouth.

“Fuck, you’re a nasty bitch!”

He started to cum, spurt after spurt filling my mouth. I refused to stop sucking his dick, not until I swallowed every drop. His legs were shaking, and he slowly released the grip he had on my braids. Moaning, he told me over and over I was a good girl for swallowing his cum. It was so erotic to be called a good girl while doing something so freaky.

Winded, he sat down as I wiped my mouth and then joined him on the bed.

“You good?” Tahj asked with a knowing smile. He knew he put it down the way I needed it.

“Hell yeah, surprised me,” I giggled.

“Surprised you? How?”

“You just didn’t seem like the type,” I admitted.

“Neither did you. I tried to feel you out, but I didn’t want to offend you.”

We were both apprehensive but for different reasons. “So, if I hadn’t texted you today, would you have ever tried to see what I liked?”

“Eventually. But I also had to make sure you were someone I enjoyed spending time with. Cause I can’t do this with just anyone.”

“Me either. I’ve been judged because of how I want to be fucked,” I sighed.

“Did I meet your slut you out requirements?”

“You know you did,” I laughed.

“Just had to be sure,” he smiled. “But rest up and get ready for round two.”


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