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Night Shift

I don’t know what made me want to work the night shift at this hospital but Lawd knows I was tired. I wasn’t accustomed to being up like this. I needed my 6 hours of sleep-at night. But I heard some of the other nurses say how much smoother night shift was and I wanted to see for myself. I loved my job; I had no choice but to. After all the late nights, studying, and missing out on life, I graduated with my BSN. But after four hours, I knew night shift was not my calling. I would do the other two days for the week and then I’d be talking to my supervisor to put me back on days. I couldn’t handle this.

But what the other nurses told me was true though; night shift on the OB floor was pretty smooth. Well, tonight was anyway. Two patients were scheduled for C-sections in the morning and three new moms that only called when they needed pain meds but other than that, they were too busy bonding with their newborns. Tonight, was pretty chill.

By midnight, I was on the verge of dying. I was so so tired. I tried to get some sleep earlier today, but my body is so accustomed to 7 am to 7 pm that this 7 pm to 7 am was a shock to my body. One of the veteran night shifters could tell I was dragging and suggested I go get a few minutes of sleep.

“Aria, you have to get used to night shift. Go on down to the lounge. I’ll come get you if I need you,” Mary Ann told me.

I tried to object but she insisted that I go. Besides, I was too tired to argue with her. I made my way to the lounge and set my alarm for a 30-minute catnap. I hoped that would give me the energy I needed to finish the next five hours. I was in the lounge for five minutes and three people came in and out. I’d never get sleep like this. I found a spacious supply closet that I knew most people wouldn’t frequent. I needed to get some sleep and I didn’t want to be disturbed.

I just dozed off, not quite reaching REM sleep, when I heard the door open in the supply closet.

Shit! I silently cursed. Who the hell needed something from in here?

Whoever came in didn’t turn on the light and I figured they were trying to hide out for a few minutes of sleep like me. Moments later the door opened again and someone new came in. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see who it was, but I knew I heard two people kissing.

What in the hell?

“Baby come on and give it to me! I need it.”

“Turn around and let me get that pussy from the back then.”

Oh my God! Are they fucking? Oh God!

I heard the satisfied sigh of getting filled in all the right ways. The man, whoever he was, must have been pretty well endowed because the woman seemed to be struggling to take his dick. She started moaning a little loud, obviously loving the way he was fucking her.

“Ssshhh baby not too loud,” he moaned into her ear.

“I can’t help it! This dick feels so good!”

I didn’t doubt that it did. I could hear how wet her pussy was as he slammed into her.

“Oh God,” she whispered as softly as she could. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it! Cum on this dick! Do it now!” he commanded.

I could tell he covered her mouth as her orgasm took over her body. Her moans were muffled but I could tell she was cumming hard. I couldn’t even deny how much this was turning me on. My hand brushed against my pussy as I listened to them fucking. I’d never seen or in this case, heard anyone having sex and this was probably the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced.

“Shit girl this wet ass pussy is gonna make me cum!”

He was speeding up his strokes. Hearing the wetness of her pussy was a sound I never thought would turn me on so much. His hand was still over her mouth and she was trying her best to contain the pleasure or pain he was unleashing on her. I waited in anticipation to hear his release. My hand was now inside my scrubs, gently rubbing my pussy to the sound of the faceless couple fucking.


The man jumped back, and the woman shrieked.

Oh shit! My alarm!

I fumbled with my phone in my pocket and finally turned it off. Neither of them looked around to see who else was in the supply closet. Instead, they adjusted their clothes and left the room seconds after each other. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see who I eavesdropped on and even more frustrated that he didn’t get to cum.

I wasn’t even sleepy anymore. I needed to know who I just heard. There were no male nurses on the OB floor, but it could have been anyone from any part of the hospital. Because it was dark, I couldn’t see anything, shoes, socks, or the color of the scrubs. But I would know them by the sound of their voice. It was going to be my mission to find out who it was.

When I got back to the nurses’ station, Ms. Mary Ann smiled, as if her advice was the reason I was rejuvenated. “See, all you needed was a few minutes of sleep! Now go check vitals in room 6.”

I didn’t even care that she was talking to me like she was my mama. She was old enough to be my mama, but she wasn’t my supervisor. Maybe she saw who came up here.

“Hey, Mary Ann, did you see someone come up here? Someone was so loud near the lounge and woke me up,” I lied. I didn’t have time to orchestrate my story. Besides, the only time I saw her leave the nurse's station all night was to go to the bathroom once. I figured she hadn’t moved since I left.

“An ER nurse came up here. They come up here to hide out sometimes. If you stay on night shift, you’ll just have to get used to the stuff that goes on around here,” she announced with a laugh.

“Stuff like what?”

“Chile these folks in this hospital be getting it in, you hear me! I don’t know why anyone would want to take that chance of getting caught though. Cause ain’t no penis worth me getting fired!” Ms. Mary Ann laughed. But she didn’t hear how that woman was moaning earlier. That dick sounded like it was worth getting caught.

“So it goes down on night shift?” I laughed. I was already thinking I needed to get used to night shift. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few porn moments here or there. But for now, I needed to find out who this man was.

After I checked on my patients, I set out on a mission to find out who was in this closet. I made my way down to the ER and snooped around but no one stood out to me. I needed to hear them talk so I could point them out.

I wasn’t even thirsty but since I was near a soda machine, I decided to get something. Otherwise, I looked crazy just wandering around the hospital. I put my money in the machine, but nothing came out. I pushed the button to get my money back, but it didn’t come out either.

“Damn it!” I said a little loud.

“I don’t know who keeps taking the sign down, but this machine doesn’t work.”

The voice behind me startled me but before I even turned around I knew it was him. I turned slowly and had to look up at the sexiest, chocolate man I’d ever laid eyes on before. He was tall, towering over my 5’4 frame. He had to be every bit of 6’2 or 6’3. His low-cut hair was cut to precision and he smelled good. Surprisingly, he wasn’t a nurse; he was a security guard. I could tell he had muscles underneath his uniform, and I imagined how sexy his chest and abs looked when he was naked.

“Hello!” The man waved his hands in front of my face.

Shit! Was I staring at him?

“Sorry, I’m trying to get used to this night shift,” I lied. “What did you say?”

The man chuckled, either because he knew I was lying, or he knew the night shift struggle. “I just asked how much you lost. I have to leave notes for the clerks to get money back.”

“I’m not worried about that. I just really needed some caffeine, and I don’t care for coffee.”

“There’s another vending machine up on the 4th floor. Where do you work Mrs.…?”

Ms. Aria. And I work on OB.” I made sure to stress the Miss.

I saw the look on his face and for a split second, I wondered if he suspected I was the one that heard him earlier.

Satisfied that he had an inkling it was me, I brushed past him, intentionally pushing my ass on him. “I’ll go to the fourth floor. Don’t worry about the change.”

I left him standing there probably utterly confused by my actions. If he was confused, I was damn near out of my mind. I wasn’t that type of girl. I wasn’t innocent by any means, but my hoe days were long and gone. Hearing him in the supply closet was calling her out of retirement but I could never have sex at work. Even though Ms. Mary Ann said it went down on the regular…

The rest of my shift went by pretty fast. By the time the morning shift got in and we discussed patients, I was tired again. I planned on hitting the Waffle House for breakfast and then taking my ass to bed. I got my things together and headed towards my car but not before running into the security guard again.

“You survived, I see,” he said as we both headed outside. It felt strange leaving work when the sun was out. “My name is Jason by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Jason. I barely survived…my bed is calling my name!”

“You’ll get used to it. Just takes some time. You can always find a hiding spot to get some sleep if you work with the right people.”

I made it to my car and contemplated saying what came to my mind. Fuck it, why not? “Oh, I thought I had a spot, but my sleep was interrupted.” Jason hung his head and laughed a little. “You have a good day!”

I hopped in my car before he had any snappy comebacks for me. I went to the Waffle House and devoured my All-Star breakfast. I made it home, almost stripping before my front door was closed. I made it to my bathroom and started the water for a shower. The hot water was very relaxing, and I knew the sleep I was about to get would be phenomenal.

After my shower, I rubbed my body down with coconut oil and climbed into my bed butt-ass naked. I was single, no kids, and lived alone; there was no need in wasting clothes just to sleep. I was so so tired, but I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable to go to sleep. I flopped over on my back in frustration. I tried to turn my brain off but the only thing I could think about was Jason making someone cum on his dick.

Why am I thinking about his dick? I don’t even know him!

But somehow, one hand was caressing my nipple and the other was lightly rubbing my clit. I remembered hearing how the woman moaned as Jason fucked her. Before I knew it, I was plunging two fingers inside of my wet pussy while rubbing my clit. My fingers were not enough. I knew I needed more. I rolled over and retrieved my dildo from my nightstand drawer. I flicked it on and pushed the vibrating toy deep inside of me.

I cursed under my breath as I adjusted to the new sensation. Thoughts of Jason continued to flash through my mind and suddenly it was me bent over in the supply closet cumming on his dick. I fucked myself silly with the dildo and pulled on my rock-hard nipples.

“Fuck me, Jason! Shit make me cum!” I moaned. I was on the verge of an orgasm and I needed to release so bad. I kept replaying what I heard earlier today, pushing me to cum all over my toy.

“Ohhhhh fuck! Shit! Shit! Shit! Jason! Yes!!” I screamed louder than I intended. The pleasure of my throbbing pussy wasn’t enough…I needed more. I concocted an entire fantasy of Jason and I fucking all over the hospital until I came again.

That was enough to take all my energy and I drifted off to sleep satisfied, but wishing I could experience the real thing.


Before I knew it, it was time for me to go back to work. I anticipated running into Jason all night, but I didn’t see him at all. I was disappointed but I had enough patients to make my shift go by rather quickly. I repeated my routine the next morning, breakfast and then masturbating myself to sleep.

I was disappointed once again when Jason wasn’t at work the next night either. Why do I want to see him so bad? I couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t like I was going to fuck him or anything. It was probably better that I didn’t see him with the way I was masturbating every morning while thinking about him.

So, imagine my surprise when I heard myself tell my supervisor to put me on nights for another week.

Another two nights went by with no Jason and by my third and final night of the week, I had given up hope of seeing him. But finally, I saw him walking by an elevator just as the doors closed. Finally seeing him made my pussy jump. I couldn’t remember the last time a man made me react that way. Especially one that I’d never fucked before.

At almost 1:00 a.m., Jason came around the corner while I was sitting at the nurse’s station. If I could have melted into the floor, I would have. I don’t know why this man had me so nervous. Maybe because I’ve been thinking about him fucking me for days now.

“What’s up, Ms. Aria? Still hanging on nights, I see,” he announced quietly, almost as if he didn’t want anyone to hear him.

“Yeah, you were right. It’s not so bad once you get used to it,” I replied avoiding eye contact. I was afraid that if I looked at him he would know I’d been fantasizing about him.

“I’m just making my rounds. Maybe I’ll see you around later,” he said with a wink. Before he walked off, he tossed a folded piece of paper at me.

Supply closet. 5 minutes.

I think I almost came. I sat there for a few moments contemplating what I was going to do. I almost convinced myself not to go but before I knew what I was doing, I told Ms. Mary Ann I was going to the restroom. I made a beeline for the supply closet.

I stood in the closet for all of 10 seconds before changing my mind. Aria…girl you know better!

I opened the door to leave and ran smack dab into Jason. With little resistance, he pushed me back into the supply closet. He pulled me into him, his face reaching mine. His kiss wasn’t soft and gentle, it was full of need and I felt all my reservations going out the window.

His hands roamed my body, squeezing my ass. He broke our kiss, lifted my shirt and quickly pulled my right nipple from my bra. I almost came as soon as his mouth connected with my breast.

“Oh shit,” I moaned as quietly as I could. I remembered I was at work but the way he was making me feel, I didn’t care.

He didn’t stay on my nipple long, his movements frantic as he seemed to be dying to be inside me. Little did he know I was just as in need as he was. I stepped back from him and pulled my pants and panties down. In one swift movement, his belt was unbuckled, and his pants were down. Just as I suspected, Jason’s dick was huge. As much as I wanted to feel him in my mouth, we didn’t have time for that.

He pushed me up against the door, lifting my leg to give him the angle he needed to slide in my wet pussy. The feeling of him finally being inside of me took my breath away. Our height made this a little difficult so, he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he plunged deeper inside of me. I forgot I was at work, my moans letting him know how amazing his dick felt. He kissed me to muffle to sound.

Jason fucked me so damn good, I was rendered incapable of doing anything. I don’t even know if I was breathing. I clung to his muscular body loving the way he filled me up. It only took a few moments before I came.

I broke our kiss and cursed over and over in the quietest whisper I could as my orgasm took me over. It was so much better than the ones I gave myself thinking of him.

“That’s it, Aria. Cum on this dick. I want you to cum again,” he demanded. He didn’t alter his stroke at all and I knew he knew he was on my spot. “Did you like listening to me fuck the other night? It turned you on, didn’t it? You wanted me to fuck you just like that, didn’t you?”

Logically, I shouldn’t have admitted how much my experience in voyeurism turned me on, but I couldn’t lie, not with the way he was fucking me. “Oh God! I played in my pussy thinking about you fuck her!”


My admission must have surprised him. Hell, I surprised myself by admitting that what I heard turned me on more than anything. Jason pried me off of him and turned me around so that my face was pushed against the door. He plunged back inside of me, making me feel him in the pit of my stomach. He pounded me from the back while his right hand snaked around my body to play with my clit.

“Fuck me, Jason! Oh my God fuck this pussy!” I moaned as my pussy spasmed and came again.

Jason barely let my orgasm subside as his hands found their way to my breasts, pinching my nipples as he fucked me hard and deep. I almost couldn’t take it but I needed to feel Jason's release. I’d fantasized about it too many times to not be rewarded with his cum.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, Jason! Please! Please cum in my mouth!” I begged.

Suddenly, Jason pulled out of my pussy and I dropped to my knees. Quickly, I took him in my mouth, loving how smooth his dick felt. It only took a few minutes of me taking him deep in my throat to feel him giving me what I begged for. Now it was his turn to struggle to be quiet. I sucked every drop out of his dick until he was almost too weak to stand.

“Man FUCK!” he yelled, not caring that we were at work or the ramifications that would come with us getting caught.

“Sssshhhhh!” I hissed. Now that we were done, the possibility of getting caught was scary.

“Shit Aria. My bad. Felt like my soul left my body.”

We were both breathing heavily and I knew I needed to get back to my station. Jason adjusted himself and I knew I was going to have to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Jason left the room first and I came out a minute later. I went to the bathroom to wash up as best as I could. I smiled at myself in the mirror, in disbelief that I just had sex at work.

I went back to the nurses’ station to make sure I didn’t miss too much while I was getting my back blown out. Mary Ann was engrossed in a conversation with another nurse and she didn’t seem to care that I returned. I thought Jason was gone from our floor and my pussy throbbed when I saw him walk past the nurse's station. He smiled at me, sliding a folded piece of paper in my direction. I snatched it up, making sure no one else saw it.

Aria. Call me…I gotta see you again. Outside of work.

I smiled to myself and imagined the pleasure Jason could give me in a bed. Night shift wasn’t so bad after all.


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